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Quality & Time (QT)

is a sophisticated, creative and leading entity, engaged in developing a supportive, advanced and flexible consulting business platform that offers a range of quality services to companies and entrepreneurs no matter of their sizes and nature of business.

In QT, we have no limits or restrictions to creativity and innovation

As learning is a continued process, we learn lessons from our experiences and share them with our customers committing ourselves to confirm added value for us and for our customers in all fields and through a range of integrated and advanced services. We are also keen to strengthen the role of partnership and positive interaction between the consultant and the client to come out with high-quality, effective, applicable and timely deliverables.

Our Values

We perform under a set of values, principles and best professional practices in business environment transactions including:

  • Creativity

    Our business is pivoted around creativity. We are keen to create and nurture a stimulating in-house environment and constantly seek to lead the market toward positive competitiveness to reflect on the interests of our customers and meet their expectations.

  • Quality in everything we do

    Our service delivery strategy focuses on providing a high level of quality in the work we accomplish and services we render. Our attention to quality does not aim only to satisfy the evolving wishes and requirements of our customers, but also to achieve our Vision and goals on the long term.

  • Timely delivery

    We understand that professional services lose part of their value if they are not delivered timely; hence we manage projects with high efficiency and flexibility in the use of resources and thus speed of delivery to meet customer demands and provide service at an optimal time.

  • Leadership

    We are working continuously in this spirit to achieve leadership in business and in order to extend the impact to our customers to achieve their goals. We are keen to deal with leading consultants who believe in success and aspire for creativity.

  • Compliance

    We seek to achieve full compliance with all covenants and agreements we enter into, as well as compliance with all laws, regulations and resolutions of the regulatory authorities overseeing the business environment in which we operate.

  • Professional due care

    We are keen to exercise and maintain an appropriate level of professional due diligence in all of our products and deliverables to ensure that added value is beyond our customer expectations.

  • Reliability and efficiency

    We are a learning entity that acts on developing our capabilities on an ongoing basis to ensure efficiency of our man power to provide the most suitable product that satisfy the real needs of our customers.

  • Code of Conduct and Ethics

    We are committed to the highest standards of professional conduct and ethics in all our dealings. We are aware that such rules differ depending on the business environments and markets in which we operate. They include honesty, integrity, dedication and full transparency to ensure achievement of the goals and success according to the principle of effective partnership with our stakeholders.


Our Objectives

We aim to achieve overall excellence in everything we do, realize added value for our clients' businesses, raise the return on their investments in consulting services and achieve tangible returns for our consultants coupled with our commitment and pursuit to ensure professional due care and quality in all deliverables, bearing in mind the importance of strengthening the sound professional relationship with our consultants, business partners, customers, employees, the community and all other stakeholders.

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